Golden Ticket

A lot of players seem to think of their result slip as a burden, that thing you have to walk up to the stage when you really want to get some food, or hang out with your friends, or watch the interesting match that is happening right next to you. Maybe you’re one of these players.

Many things would go better if you’d change your frame of reference. The damn thing is a golden ticket. No, you aren’t going to win a chocolate factory. But you worked really really hard to win your match and I can tell you from plenty of experience, you’re going to be pretty upset if you don’t get your three points for it.

Your result slip is the voucher for your three points.

Treasure it. You worked too hard to get it to screw it up in five seconds. Make sure the darn thing is filled out right (this is why we make you sign it – read the damn thing before you sign it). And then, as the winner, take the slip up and claim your points. Double check it before you put it in the box while you’re at it – it’s pretty disruptive when you feel the need to come back a minute later and dig through the box or “just make sure”.

Some of you are going to finish your matches early and be tempted to stuff it in your pocket to turn in later. You’ve got plenty of time, after all. Cut that out. Seriously. You’re probably going to forget. You are contributing to the roughly 10 minutes that players cost to the tournament because of missing result slips (and this is just a fraction of the full cost to tournament time that we suffer because of players … but more on this later). This happens. Every. Single. Grand. Prix. If you hate how long these things take, stop making it worse.

Not rocket science. Fill it out right. Check your work before you sign. Turn it in right away. Profit.

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