Jolly Good No-Show

All right, judges … your turn.

Sadly, try as we might, there are going to be jerks in the world. Which means there are going to be No Shows, which you need to fill out result slips for. This is the easiest penalty to file, and this might be old hat for many of you, but having seen an increasing number of random failures lately, perhaps not. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

First of all – please please please make sure the slip is filled out right. Do not give the win and the penalty/drop to the wrong people. In the name of player accountability, the best way to do this is ask the player to fill out the 2-0 and sign the slip – presumably they’ll recognize themselves, and even if they mess it up, that’s on them instead of you (much more on this in the future). At the very least, you should make sure they look at the slip and verify that they got the win (good practice even if you have them fill it out).

Once that’s done, the rest is simple. There should already be a penalty mark to have denoted the Game Loss for tardiness, so nothing to do there. Since the offending player needs to be dropped*, just write “No Show” clearly in their drop column. Then in place of their signature, write your name (enough of it to be unique, in a clear and legible fashion – your scrawled initials look just like everyone else’s) so we can register the penalty for you.

That’s pretty much it. Simple for you, simple for us. Pardon the terrible mouse-writing, but it should look something like this:


*If for some reason it turns out they shouldn’t be dropped – they showed up at the 11th minute, or told you in advance they wouldn’t be there, etc … then this becomes the special case. Don’t just leave the drop column empty – if we see that somebody got a match loss for tardiness and an empty drop column, the safe assumption is generally that the judge forgot to mark it (which, of course, won’t be you anymore), as this happens far more often than this special case does. So if this actually happens, you should actually mark a note saying “Do not drop – <reason>” rather than leaving things blank.

4 thoughts on “Jolly Good No-Show”

  1. “There should already be a penalty mark to have denoted the Game Loss for tardiness, so nothing to do there. ”

    Shouldn’t that be a Match Loss for the no show?

  2. Sorry, should have been more clear. After the start of the round, a judge should have assessed an immediately Tardiness penalty, which is a Game Loss. This should have been accompanied by the W (or other symbol) that indicates a penalty for a player. That’s the mark I’m referring to that is already there.

    I didn’t bother adding that portion to the demo slip, since once we see a no show, we don’t bother filing the separate Tardiness penalty, we just bunch them together as a single Match Loss. So the details of how that is written aren’t relevant as long as the no show is clear (though of course, you’ll want to write it out well in case the player doesn’t actually no show and the Game Loss has to stand alone).

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